Ancient Egypt: from everyday life to eternity17/01/2020

Exhibition arrives in São Paulo in February

If you are fascinated by Egyptian art and culture, you will not want to miss the exhibition "Ancient Egypt: from everyday life to eternity", which arrives in São Paulo on February 19th. After passing through Rio de Janeiro and being an absolute success with the public, the show arrives at the Banco do Brasil São Paulo Cultural Center, bringing 140 pieces that have in common the relevance for the understanding of Egyptian culture, which partially maintained the same religious, political models , artistic and literary for three millennia.

Take some time and come to São Paulo to enjoy this and other exhibitions that take place in the city. Staying at Paulista Flat you have easy access to both the CCBB and several other spaces, as we are located a few blocks from Av. Paulista.

Ancient Egypt: from everyday life to eternity

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