Japão 47 Artesãos07/06/2019

Exhibit shows pieces that tell a little about the history of the 47 Japanese provinces

The exhibit "Japão 47 Artesãos" is available at the Japan House (Sao Paulo), and portraits a wide panorama of handcrafted items and arts in modern Japan. With items that reveal individual histories and characteristics from each province, with use of local design, even if to subvert it. This exhibit can be visited until the 17th of July. Japan House is located in Avenida Paulista, 52. More details here.

Come and visit this and other exhibits in the museums and cultural venues around the Av. Paulista! There are plenty of options, in all shapes, forms and styles. How about you stay a couple of days with us?

Japão 47 Artesãos

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