Leonardo da Vinci – 500 years of a genius 25/10/2019

Exhibit about Vinci starts in November at Sao Paulo

On November 2nd, the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci - 500 years of a genius" will be inaugurated at MIS Experience, a new cultural space in the Água Branca district. In the new cultural space, the show features 18 thematic areas in which it is possible to know the trajectory of the Renaissance genius. Replicas of machines designed by him and an area dedicated to Monalisa will also be present.

Tickets can be purchased over the internet at this link: https://bit.ly/2omWTbO

The São Paulo exhibition calendar is a must see, set aside a weekend and come enjoy the city's cultural effervescence. Staying at Paulista Flat you are close to several cultural spaces, as well as the ease of transportation to other regions, such as the new MIS space in Água Branca.

Leonardo da Vinci – 500 years of a genius

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