Reopening of Businesses24/06/2020

What's open in São Paulo?

São Paulo started to reopen some non-essential stores, such as street stores and shopping malls, with reduced hours and with various hygiene and control measures for customers. As a result, many people returned to work and circulation on the streets and public transport increased.

In addition to the requirements imposed on stores, such as serving below capacity, making alcohol gel available to everyone, mandatory use of a mask and a distance of at least 1.5m between people, we always need to remember some personal care to avoid contagion by coronavirus:

  • Wear masks in all public spaces, open or closed;
  • Keep a distance of at least five feet from other people;
  • Regularly wash your hands or use 70% alcohol gel when it is not possible to use soap and water;
  • Leave the house only when necessary, avoiding crowds;
  • Disinfect objects of personal use with 70% alcohol or with a solution of water and bleach on a regular basis and when arriving home;
  • When returning from the street, change your clothes (putting the clothes to wash immediately) and preferably take a shower and wash your hair.

The routine is slowly resuming, but we cannot neglect ourselves. If each one does his part, we will be able to return to our normal life more quickly.

Reopening of Businesses

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