"Tarsila Popular" Exhibit08/05/2019

MASP receives the biggest exhibit dedicated to Tarsila do Amaral, including 92 pieces

MASP (Museum of Art Of Sao Paulo), located at Paulista Avenue, is hosting the exhibit "Tarsila Popular", bringing to the audience 92 works by Tarsila do Amaral, one of the greatest Brazilian artists of the 20th century and a main player on modernism. The focus of the exhibit is the "popular", a motif has much as complex as it is discussed, that Tarsila explored in different manners in many of her works throughout her career.

Sao Paulo is extremely rich in museums, cultural centers, movie theaters, shows and there is always some unmissable event happening. How about spending a couple of days with us, just beside the Av. and have an easy and quick access to all these cultural spaces?

For more informations on "Tarsila Popular" at the MASP, visit  https://masp.org.br/exposicoes/tarsila-popular

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